Venice, Italy | Travel

I got to visit Venice once before this trip. I was 20, studying abroad in Luxembourg and traveled to Italy for a week with six other girls. My memories of that trip involve getting lost in the outskirts of Venice, wheeling our suitcases along an obscure road for ... awhile, staying in a bubbly RV-type structure at a campground because that's all we could afford, walking around in the rain, and eating lots of pizza and gelato. It was hilarious.

This trip was so different. Except for the pizza and gelato. :)

Nathan and I traveled to Italy in April with my parents, and while we got lost plenty of times along the canals of Venice (seriously, that city is confusing), we slept in an actual building, the weather was phenomenal and I appreciated the city so much more. Venice is mesmerizing.

Where we stayed: At this cute apartment near Piazza San Rocco
Where we ate: Pizzeria Ristorante Al ProfetaPasticceria Rizzardini, Grom Gelato, Gelateria il Doge
What we did: Toured Saint Mark's Basilica, the Church of Saint Roch and Santa Maria della Salute; took a gondola ride (we had to!); fed the birds at Saint Mark's Square (well, Nathan did!); crossed the Accademia and Rialto Bridges; window shopped and spent lots of time people watching at cafes along the canals