Baby Finn | In-Home Akron Ohio Newborn Photos

And I, will hold you tight, like the moon in the arms of the sky
And I, will keep you warm, I will build a fire in this house

Sons and Daughters, Allman Brown

Finn was so longed for and is the luckiest little guy to have been born to Melanie and Matt. I can't wait to watch this sweet baby grow. :)

Baby Elly | At-Home Shaker Heights Ohio Baby Photos

Nathan and I are so thankful to have friends going through this stage of life with us. David and Amy live down the street from us and go to our church, and they just recently welcomed their first baby into the world too!

Elly was long awaited and is so, so loved. Photographing this family of three was incredibly touching and made me ready to meet Nolan!

Enjoy my favorites from this sweet session. And check out the grip Elly has on her dad's finger! She grabbed on to his hand not long after her birth, so it was fun to document that little detail. :)

Baby Kolbe | Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Newborn Photos

It only makes sense to follow up Mary and Steven's maternity photos with their cute baby boy, Kolbe! Come on. Look at that face in that first photo down there. What an alert little guy! He loved being held and swaddled and was the perfect mix of asleep and awake for his photos. 

Mary and Steven, you make wonderful parents! 

Baby Finley | Akron Lifestyle Newborn Photos

A playful at-home newborn session with an adorable big brother and chickens?! These are the things dreams are made of. :)

Mr. Otto was such a little gentleman, showing me his new brother Finley, sharing his bang snaps with me on the driveway and introducing me to his favorite chickens.

And Finley was the chillest baby, letting everyone love on him and sleeping through aforementioned bang snaps, big brother tickling, and the sticky, summer heat.