Wedding Details at The Piggery at Anna Dean Farm

Since I became a wedding photographer more than five years ago, I've had a handful of clients who have requested that I keep (most of) their wedding photos private. This can be a little bit tricky because I obviously use my client's photos in my own portfolio to book more work.

While I obviously want to showcase beautiful weddings, I also understand that brides and grooms have personal or professional reasons for keeping photos private ... and they still deserve beautiful wedding photos! I'm lucky to be at the stage in my business where I can afford to give up a model release here and there and it not affect my bookings, but I'm not going to sugarcoat it: When I book a beautiful wedding with a beautiful couple who have hired amazing wedding vendors, it's so sad to give up that piece of the project!

Lucky for me, this bride and groom who were married last spring agreed to me sharing detail photos from their day, and I'm so, so glad I have the chance to show off their vision AND credit some talented vendors (Fair Rarity did the beautiful florals; Borrow Rentals provided the farmhouse tables, the furniture and other big reception details; and The Piggery at Anna Dean Farm lent the perfect reception venue).


2016 + January Goals

Lara Casey Goals


When I think about January 1, I always feel completely inspired. I know it's a little cliche. It's just a date—a seemingly regular Friday (or Monday or Saturday or Tuesday …)—but no matter how good the previous year was, I'm always motivated to set new goals, try new things or improve upon the foundation that's already there. Sometimes I follow through, sometimes I don't, but either way I always come back for more each January 1. Thinking about all the possibility right before stepping off into a new year is kind of intoxicating!

This year, I decided to choose a word for 2016 and make sure my goals for the year resonated within the word PURPOSEFUL. After four years of running this business and slooooowwwwwllly getting better at balancing my personal and professional life, I want to make sure I'm still moving away from the 24/7 hustle (been there, done that!) and closer to more rest, more deep breaths, more reflection.

I divided up all my 2016 goals into six categories: Business, Family, Financial, Intellectual Health, Physical Health and Spiritual Health (thanks, Nancy Ray, for the inspiration!), and I'll be sharing a couple from each category here, along with my January goals. If you set your own goals for 2016, I'd love to hear/see them! (For real. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to this stuff.)

Photography Goals

2016 Goals


  • Decide on a software management system
  • Create a new gallery wall and vendor area in my office
  • Blog at least 2/week
  • Continue working towards real office hours (office door shut by 5:30 p.m.)


  • Set aside one evening a week for a date night with Nathan
  • See my grandma at least once a month :)


  • Complete our Emergency Fund
  • Give $50 to a new (to us) charity each month

Intellectual Health

  • Read 25 books (this has been my goal for the last couple years, and I always fall just short of 25. Hoping to stretch my mind even more this year!)
  • Develop a morning routine
  • Declutter each room in our house and give unwanted items away (technically I guess this falls under "Organization" but it's also good for my mental state ;) )

Physical Health

  • Stretch for 10 minutes every day
  • Drink 2 water bottles a day (I am not a natural water drinker [is that a thing?] so I really have to work at this one!)

Spiritual Health

  • Do Savor devotional every morning
  • Refrain from scheduling Sunday morning sessions so we can attend church at least 3/month

Etsy print

[My little family, with whom I want to spend my most PURPOSEFUL time. Cartoon portrait by Lili Di Prima.]

January Goals

  • Read three books (Scary Close by Donald Miller, All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and The Very Picture of You by Isabel Wolff)
  • Start experimenting with a morning routine each day (even if it doesn't look the same morning to morning this month is for figuring out what works for me!)
  • De-clutter our kitchen
  • Start designing our travel wall in our dining room
  • Review all the items in my closet and make sure they still have purpose
  • Unsubscribe from junk e-mail
  • Delete old e-mail folders that I don't use anymore
  • Complete my business tax documents
  • Experiment with two software management systems
  • Create a portrait session guide
  • Talk with an industry friend about potential work on my website

Collected Retreat 2015 | A Collaborative Shoot

Canton Ohio Film Wedding PhotographerIt was a hot and sticky July day, with just a few downpours, but no one cared because so much inspiration was at our fingertips. From the string lights to the mobile bar and the beautiful models to the tablescapes, Collected 2015 was even better than last year.

Collected is a collaborative shoot, hosted by Mallory + Justin, that I've been lucky enough to be invited to twice now. A whole bunch of awesome creatives and wedding vendors come together to imagine, create and network … all for the fun of it. That's how much we like what we do.

Once again, Collected was hosted on Mallory's parent's beautiful property … the perfect setting for an idyllic day.

Canton Ohio Film Wedding Photographer Sweet Water Caravan is the COOLEST bar on wheels.

Canton Ohio Film Wedding Photographer Fair Rarity provided the unique florals and worked with Oak & Honey Events and Borrow Rentals to create one-of-a-kind tablescapes.

Canton Ohio Film Wedding Photographer Canton Ohio Film Wedding Photographer Canton Ohio Film Wedding Photographer How beautiful is that place card by Baci Designer?

Canton Ohio Backyard Wedding Photos Canton Ohio Backyard Wedding Photos Canton Ohio Backyard Wedding Photos Canton Ohio Backyard Wedding Photos Canton Ohio Backyard Wedding Photos Canton Ohio Backyard Wedding Photos One of my favorite families came to model for us! I'll be featuring more of Wyatt and his parents on Monday's blog.

Canton Ohio Backyard Wedding Photos Canton Ohio Backyard Wedding Photos Canton Ohio Film Wedding Photographer

(Shot on Portra 160 | Developed/Scanned by Richard Photo Lab)

Collected 2015 hosted by Mallory + Justin

Vendors Design + Styling: Oak & Honey Events Florals: Fair Rarity Furniture + Accessories + Styling: Borrow Rentals Stationery: Baci Designer Catering: Taproot Catering Mobile Bar: Sweetwater Caravan

Silk Heirloom Album

RedTree AlbumsAhhhh! It's here! My massive new sample album featuring Katie and Mason's wedding. Massive because in 12 inches by 12 inches, and the champagne silk looks SO good on my mint green coffee table. This is the first time I'll be offering silk heirloom albums, along with leather and linen. I adore the way the silk complements the film photos inside. It's so pretty that I want to order another ... Heirloom Wedding Album As much as I love blogging, nothing beats looking at pretty photos in your lap. Feeling the slightly pebbled pages and seeing the vibrant colors firsthand is the best.

Heirloom Wedding Album This photo is HUGE! I love the magnitude of the 12x12 album.

Heirloom Wedding Album Heirloom Wedding Album 12x12 Wedding Album 12x12 Wedding Album 12x12 Wedding Album