Baby Elly | At-Home Shaker Heights Ohio Baby Photos

Nathan and I are so thankful to have friends going through this stage of life with us. David and Amy live down the street from us and go to our church, and they just recently welcomed their first baby into the world too!

Elly was long awaited and is so, so loved. Photographing this family of three was incredibly touching and made me ready to meet Nolan!

Enjoy my favorites from this sweet session. And check out the grip Elly has on her dad's finger! She grabbed on to his hand not long after her birth, so it was fun to document that little detail. :)

Goodreads | When Breath Becomes Air

One thing I did a TON of during my pregnancy was read. READ, READ, READ. Mostly that meant fiction because I never felt like I had a ton of brain power to get through other genres (even though I usually try to read a variety), and it really helped cut down on the amount of TV I watched. Anyone else find themselves mindlessly turning on the TV or scrolling social media over and over when there's "nothing else to do"? Well, grab one of these books and get yourself out of that habit!

When Breath Becomes Air Book Review

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh | I've totally jumped on the bandwagon of female-driven thrillers (think The Girl on the Train), and I Let You Go is a GREAT next pick for you if you've just finished one too. I've always loved mysteries but never before have I gotten halfway through one, said, "Whaaaaaa?!" and started rereading from the beginning to figure out what I missed. (****)

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi | Warning: This book will probably make you cry. I suppose that's inevitable when the author is penning his memoir on his deathbed. But man, it is so poignant and so ... clear. Kalanithi is just 36 years old, a neurosurgeon and—in an ironic twist of fate—has cancer that he can't cure. He explores his life and faith in the midst of huge trials. (*****)

Rising Strong by Brené Brown | A study on vulnerability and the strength to rise up from defeat, Brown's Rising Strong spoke some truth to me. I think, though, because I wasn't currently struggling with a huge fall, I had some trouble getting into it and relating to her stories. The next time I'm struggling with being brave, however, I'll definitely be reaching for her words. (***)

Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt | A beautifully written story about love and loss and moving on. June loses her uncle, who is her favorite person and seemingly only friend. She has a hard time letting go until she meets another important person from her uncle's life who can relate to her loneliness. (****)

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker | Oh my goodness do I love Jen Hatmaker. She makes me cry with laughter (check out her Instagram to see what I mean). I absolutely loved her book 7 and knew I would enjoy For the Love because her writing style is so succinct and witty. She is a Christian author who explores all the ways we compare ourselves to others in this modern world and how we can break free of that life. (****)

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty | This was a super easy and fun read—perfect for the beach, a lazy Saturday morning or late pregnancy! ;) Alice wakes up from a head injury 10 years older and realizes she's lost the last decade of her life. Think about all that could change in that amount of time! (****)

The Finished Product | Nolan's Nursery

Before we even knew if Baby Baldwin was a boy or girl, I knew I wanted to do a neutral nursery. I'm not super into the stereotypical boy and girl stuff; I saw clean, white walls and lots of black, brown, cream and gold in the tiny room we'd picked for the nursery.

That was the challenge: Nolan's nursery is pretty small and we had to be really intentional about the bigger pieces we picked for his room. I think it works though! Yes, we wish we had a little bit more room. A bigger dresser would be helpful, and the rocking chair hits the wall sometimes, but it's a cozy little space that I hope he enjoys for awhile. :)

Crib: Bratt Decor
Hand-Lettered Sign: House of Belonging
Mobile: The Felting Dorcas
Rocking Chair: Best Home Furnishings (ordered via Fish Furniture)
End Table: Urban Outfitters
Rug: Urban Outfitters
Shelf: Country Door
Animal Heads: Little Living Shop, Atelier Caroline and Target
Moses & Changing Table Baskets: Design Dua

May Goals

April was a bit of a whirlwind for us. A good whirlwind, but still. It went by quickly and slowly all at the same time. Those first couple weeks of Nolan's life we were running on pure adrenaline. It really is true that each day and week gets easier but it's also easy to get lost in the will-my-life-EVER-feel-normal-again?! haze. 

Now that we're in week four, I've hit the how-is-my-baby-this-big-already?! cliché. Having a newborn really is so bittersweet. You live to see them develop and grow but you also simultaneously miss their tininess from just a week ago. 

Oh, how life has changed. I think we're in for the ride of our lives. :)

In other news, I have a couple small goals for this month while I continue to enjoy maternity leave and soak up every minute with little Nolan. Cheers to spring and all the beautiful weather and blooms that come with it!

May Goals

  • Finish On Becoming Baby Wise by Robert Bucknam and Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
  • File our personal photos on a new external hard drive
  • Design and order one of our annual photo albums
  • Update client galleries on Pixieset
  • Order and mail Nolan's birth announcements
  • Take Nolan on his first road trip! Nathan's sister gets married in Indiana in a week!
Goal Setting