365 Day Photo Challenge: December

*Here it is! The LAST month of my 365 Day Photo Challenge. Whew! I missed a couple days here and there but I'm so stoked that, for the most part, I took a picture a day for the entirety of 2013. I'm so looking forward to creating some sort of album that sums up this year in our life. Bought basically all of Anthropologie's Volcano candles for client gifts (That was an awkward purchase! "Hi, I'd like these 55 candles, please.") * Got help unloading the dishwasher from our curious cat * Decorated for Christmas! * Tried a new Japanese restaurant with Nathan * Had a double date night with my BFF and her husband * Packaged and mailed a LOT of client gifts * Went to an '80s prom ;) * Enjoyed staring at our house in the pretty snow * Met some amazing lady photographers and had an inspiring night of sharing and brainstorming * Saw Straight No Chaser in concert! * Hung out with Nathan and Rosie a lot more :) * Read the January Real Simple, which really spoke to me on the cusp of the new year * Bought a new lens! * Was gifted a beautiful coat for Christmas * Laughed at my brother in his Superman onesie * Woke up to snow on Christmas Eve! * Had a fantastic Christmas with my family * Tried The Katz Club for the first time * Rang in the new year!

December Instagram

365 Day Photo Challenge: November

Enjoyed Sunday brunch * Cuddled with Rosie * Had my first red cup! * Celebrated my BFF Sharon as she married her BF * Watched my fabulous second shooter Emily photograph Sharon and Rob's wedding! * Experienced Luna for the first time * Decorated our house with Sharon's wedding flowers * Worked with Rosie * Dressed Rosie up as Santa for our Christmas cards * Got a living room rug (finally!) * Road tripped to Chicago * Met up with my college besties in Chicago * Made the stupidest decision ever to go to the grocery store the night before Thanksgiving * Ran the Cincinnati turkey trot * Spent a Friday night with my planner * Wrapped up November with a relaxing morning at a coffee shop November Instagram

365 Day Photo Challenge: October

Stocked up on fresh, fall flowers * Supported the Indians in their (one) playoff game * Ate cheesecake ... three times (not sure what the obsession was with cheesecake last month!) * Photographed a rainy-turned-sunny wedding with my lovely assistant, Emily * Photographed a second wedding in that same weekend, this time at Gervasi Vineyard * Kept warm with Rosie (she's definitely a lap cat when she wants to be) * Photographed LOTS and LOTS of sessions! * Enjoyed some seriously incredible fall weather * Bought a pumpkin * Photographed my last wedding of 2013! * Started doing yoga with Nathan * Started on a rebrand (SO EXCITED!) * Visited Hocking Hills as a surprise for Nathan's 30th birthday * Got sick while visiting Hocking Hills :( * Spent an evening watching lots of movies, including Hocus Pocus, while sick * Saw the first snow of the year (before Halloween! What?!) * Celebrated Nathan's 30th birthday!! * Made Nathan's requested birthday meal: hot dogs and mac & cheese * Ate waaaay too much Halloween candy 365 Day Photo Challenge

365 Day Photo Challenge: September (+ Creative Juices)

Arrived back in the good ol' US of A after a fantastic vacation in St. Lucia * We grew a magical pepper in our garden! * Celebrated our second anniversary with a homemade dinner and dessert * Enjoyed some beautiful weather * Played florist for my friend Sharon's bridal shower ... * ... and then celebrated her soon-to-be marriage! * Visited the lake on a beautiful, windy Sunday * Was reminded why I eat chocolate when my wrappers gave me words of affirmation ;) * Photographed three beautiful September weddings * Had our street's annual block party * Coached some gymnastics at the Y * Obsessed over the return of New Girl * Had my office destroyed by Rosie vs. packaging peanuts * Went on a brewery tour with a wedding party * Started drinking hot drinks again! * Scouted photo locations for an upcoming Gervasi wedding (that place is beautiful!) * Enjoyed hot, fresh donuts (compliments of a donut truck) at a wedding *  Had a major unhealthy eating streak and put chocolate on everything (here Nathan is modeling melted chocolate chips on top of banana bread) * Gave in to Rosie's deli meat cravings 365 Day Photo Challenge

And to make sure I get my music inspiration to you this month, here's October's Creative Juices! I'm slightly obsessed with Lorde's Royals (i.e., I listen to it on repeat while I edit, and yes, I've memorized all the words thankyouverymuch), but I'm beginning to like Team equally as much. Take a listen. Do you have a preference?