365 Day Photo Challenge: June

Fueled up on cookies before a double-header wedding weekend * Had a super lazy Sunday after said double header * Started coaching gymnastics again * Enjoyed quality time with the family * Said goodbye to Paul :( * Got new wedding shoes * Photographed at a beautiful, historic church * Had my first client meeting in my office * Enjoyed a few in-season peonies * Discovered that my cat has a mullet * Spent more time with my family * Worked on the photobooth * Watched Rosie destroy my office * Had an early morning engagement session that required caffeine (all I could find) * Enjoyed some beautiful weather * Hung out at the pool * Went to my first Indians game of the year * Had a birthday mimosa * Finished our guest bedroom * Invested in the 5D Mark III! * Had a visit from Nathan's family and took them to Jeni's * Photographed a wedding with TWO assistants helping * Introduced Rosie to the photobooth 365 Day Photo Challenge