365 Day Photo Challenge: August

Received a sweet gift from a bride and groom * Enjoyed BEAUTIFUL weather for each of my August weddings * Got featured in The Knot Ohio * Enjoyed more fro yo (are you surprised?) * Got dressed up for a client meeting after spending days in my PJs * Visited Miami for an engagement session and wedding * Ate a delicious breakfast at Patterson's in Oxford (miss that place!) * Celebrated my mom's birthday * Went for many runs * Photographed the coolest literacy event for a non-profit * Had an AMAZING engagement session at the beach, complete with the perfect sunset * Held lots of client meetings in my office (2014 is looking good!) * Photographed two weddings with my sweet assistant Emily (love her!) * Jetted off to St. Lucia, and relaxed for one week on the most beautiful island 365 Day Photo Challenge

365 Day Photo Challenge: July

Photographed lots of sessions and weddings * Received adirondack chairs as a birthday present :D * Had a cookout with some friends * Rode 20 miles on the towpath for the first time! * Photographed a double header * Shot my first wedding at the Hyatt Regency * Devoured Sunday brunch at Tommy's * Hit the halfway point in my 2013 wedding season * Sat four rows from the Indians field * Burned the midnight oil waaaay too many times * Almost mailed Rosie to a client ;) * Tried to be intentional about taking breaks * Snuck away to the lake house for a few days * Got back on the healthy train after waaaay too many desserts at the lake! * Had our first live photobooth at Chelsea and Drew's wedding! * Went to the Taste of Tremont * Started this awesome read ... amazing * Discovered that I love kid snacks :) * Relaxed with a massage thanks to my friend Sharon * Hosted Nathan's dad and stepmom in Cleveland * Enjoyed brunch at my favorite Cleveland restaurant ever * Went to the pool! 365 Day Photo Challenge

365 Day Photo Challenge: June

Fueled up on cookies before a double-header wedding weekend * Had a super lazy Sunday after said double header * Started coaching gymnastics again * Enjoyed quality time with the family * Said goodbye to Paul :( * Got new wedding shoes * Photographed at a beautiful, historic church * Had my first client meeting in my office * Enjoyed a few in-season peonies * Discovered that my cat has a mullet * Spent more time with my family * Worked on the photobooth * Watched Rosie destroy my office * Had an early morning engagement session that required caffeine (all I could find) * Enjoyed some beautiful weather * Hung out at the pool * Went to my first Indians game of the year * Had a birthday mimosa * Finished our guest bedroom * Invested in the 5D Mark III! * Had a visit from Nathan's family and took them to Jeni's * Photographed a wedding with TWO assistants helping * Introduced Rosie to the photobooth 365 Day Photo Challenge

365 Day Photo Challenge: May

Worked with the best, but laziest assistant ever * Attempted to mow the lawn with our manual mower * Second shot a wedding at the Union Club * Planted a garden! * Mulched * Enjoyed basil from our garden * Photographed a styled shoot * Received sweet gifts from clients * Had the most unhealthy, but delicious, dinner ever at B Spot * Relaxed * Had lunch with my grandma and mom * Photographed the Silver Spoon Awards party * Enjoyed the awesome weather * Wrote lots of to do lists * Had my office overtaken by flying ants (gross!) * Went to Pittsburgh for an engagement session * Took Rosie to the vet for the third time since we got her :( * Photographed a wedding in the Pennsylvania countryside * Took the rest of Memorial Day weekend off to spend with Nathan * Did some arts and crafts * Continued the fro yo obsession * Photographed a double header wedding weekend 365 Day Photo Challenge_May