101 in 1001: #55 Get a New Car.

I'm going to be completely honest. When my parents bought me my very first car seven years ago, I wasn't very excited about it. It sounds so, so selfish (and it is), but I had my heart set on a Volkswagen Beetle. I wanted that cute, little car so bad and instead I got a Nissan Sentra, which I later dubbed "Nancy." Volkswagen Jetta TDI_0004

Turns out, Nancy and I did everything together. In those seven years, I was in college and then I got a job where I commuted two hours back and forth each day. We formed a bit of a bond, and I ended up loving her.

Recently, however, she'd been a bit sick. Rust spots aside, I'd racked up nearly 200,000 miles driving her all over creation and stuff was starting to go wrong, so we knew it was time to replace her. :(

Enter my new Volkswagen Jetta. :) I don't know what my obsession is with Volkswagen but I've always had my heart set on one, and with the amazing gas mileage the diesel Jetta gets it kind of made it a no-brainer (except it wasn't a no-brainer at all; it was the most stressful day of my life. I am the world's worst haggler. Thank goodness Nathan was there to help me).

Volkswagen Jetta TDI_0003

Now I need a name for my new car! Can you please help me?? She's a girl of course, and I feel like she's a little trendy and edgy. Maybe something with a "J?" Nathan's been calling her "Black Beauty," but I'm still tossing ideas around. Sound off in the comments section below!