Having Him Home

There's nothing quite like being forced out of your routine to make you really appreciate what you have. Nathan's been traveling the last few weeks, and for us, this is new. It's new to watch him pack his back over and over, it's new to communicate through text messages and phone calls, it's new to hope and pray he gets home safely after boarding yet another flight. Nathan has worked so hard lately, and I can tell that when he's home on a weekend, he's REALLY enjoying it. I admire that kind of gratitude. Soaking in every last minute. Getting pleasure from the most normal of tasks. It makes me pause and take a look around with new eyes too.

I know that in just a few weeks, busy season will be upon me. I'll be photographing weddings every weekend, editing like a mad woman and booking weddings for next year. It's a lot to anticipate. But I've also never been so grateful to have this job. To get to interact with such warm and loving people and document their story is kind of unbelievable.

So, thank you, Nathan. Thank you for working so hard for our tiny, little family. Thank you for showing me that even the most mundane of tasks should be appreciated. Thank you for helping me slow down. Thank you for being yourself.

Shaker Heights Photographer

(Photo taken with my iPhone using the VSCO camera.)