My Favorite Things: July 2012

My Favorite Things 1. The Olympics, especially gymnastics. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with gymnastics, so obviously I'm giddy right about now. I'm all caught up on the drama that's already unfolded (seriously, some rules suck), and I'm so ready for the competitions still to come. I'll be glued to the TV all week.

2. Clementines. I've been super busy the last month and just grab food wherever I can. Mostly that means quick carbs, but luckily we have a box of clementines that have been my go-to snack. They don't take any prep and are healthy. Win-win.

3. "Foxy" by Megan Miller. Love the color and the bottle. :) It's a little bit bluish-gray, and the only thing I've worn the last month.

4. My Vera Bradley duffel bag. I've actually never been a huge Vera Bradley fan, but this bag is perfect for traveling. It's a fairly big duffel (even though it's called "small"), but it still works as a carry-on when you fly. Plus you can just throw it in the wash, which is kind of important after dragging it across the country.