Lindsey & Alex | Wedding Reception

Lindsey is one of my best friends. She's 1/5 of FBOFW, she was my college roommate, she was my study-abroad buddy, she was my post-college roommate. She's the sweetest, most kind-hearted person ... and she makes me laugh a lot. :) Her family is like an extension of my family, and I know the rest of FBOFW would agree. When Linds accepted an offer to get her master's in Scotland, we were all proud of her. She has this passion for culture, and she would be immersed in it for a year. What we all didn't realize, and Lindsey can probably count herself into that "all," is that she would meet her guy.

Yes, I wish Linds and Alex lived closer. Way closer. :) But the fact that I feel like I know Alex really well, after hanging out only a handful of times, says so much about him. Linds, you picked a good one.

These two had a destination wedding in Portugal in April and came to the States to have a celebration with family and friends. I feel so lucky that I got to be there and document it a little. Love you guys!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer How cool is that kilt?

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerFBOFW closed down the dance floor with our song, "Africa." :) Minus Nicole not being there (she had a good excuse; you'll see soon), it was perfect!