My Favorite Things: May 2012

My Favorite Things1. Real Simple. I haven't had a lot of time to read this month. Actually, if I'm being completely honest, I'm still kind of grieving over the end of The Hunger Games so I'm taking my time picking up another book. Sad, but true. So, in place of books this month, I've been catching up on all my unread Real Simples. I love this magazine! I feel more put together and organized just reading the articles. A good cup of tea while reading doesn't hurt either. :) 2. My running shoes. Oh how I love getting outside to work out these days! I probably work out BETTER when I'm inside doing Insanity, but I would much rather go for a run around the neighborhood and be in the sun.

3. Aperture. Thanks to a recommendation from a photographer friend, I have cut my photo editing time in half with this program! What was I doing four months ago?! Such quick culling and post processing, and the best part is that I can batch process a set of similar photos. LOVE!

4. Big flower blooms. I'm digging the big bloom bouquets that are in style right now. There's something so romantic and feminine about those whimsical petals. I need to get some for our house!

5. Anthropologie coasters. My office is still pretty bare, but I did invest in some pretty, coral coasters for my desk. These things are solid and don't slide around at all, plus they come in a bunch of fun colors.