Reusing Wedding Decor

By this time, you probably know I'm a huge proponent of using DIY and handmade creations for wedding decor (if not, see here and here). Both are unique and can afford you a one-of-a-kind, personalized wedding at a fraction of what some weddings cost. Now, I want to take it one step farther and talk about reusing wedding decor. Yep, you heard me. Why not put those creations you spent so much time on before the wedding, to use AFTER the wedding? Or if you're planning a wedding now, think about how you might be able to use those details post wedding.

Take it from me, I spent so many hours thinking through and even creating some of my details, there was no way I was going to stick them in a closet afterwards. So, I decided I would give some of my stuff a second life at home and in other weddings.

At Home Because Nathan and I are kinda in limbo with the housing situation (Hint: We may be moving to something more permanent soon. !!! More on THAT later), a lot of our wedding stuff is still in boxes, but I did manage to decorate a little:

We used SO many vases for our centerpieces, I had to use some of them for fresh flowers in our house. And I spiced up the display with our program box. Once we move and get things sorted out, I'm going to donate the unwanted vases to a thrift store. Win win for me and the people that get my vases next. :)

And I'm displaying our custom paper pinwheels in our apothecary jars. I've got a project up my sleeve for these pinwheels in the not too distant future. Stay tuned!

In other Weddings Oh, the Internet is a wonderful thing isn't it? There are some great websites that allow you to connect with other couples and buy or sell wedding stuff. And that "stuff" includes EVERYTHING, from linens to dresses to bow ties to shoes. If you're not going to look at your wedding dress again, why not let someone else look beautiful in it?? Or if you're looking for a great collection of vases for centerpieces, why not buy them from another bride who doesn't need them anymore? That is working together folks!

Check out some fab sites that I had bookmarked for our wedding: Once Wed Recycled Bride Ruffled BravoBride SmartBride Boutique