Baby Finn | In-Home Akron Ohio Newborn Photos

And I, will hold you tight, like the moon in the arms of the sky
And I, will keep you warm, I will build a fire in this house

Sons and Daughters, Allman Brown

Finn was so longed for and is the luckiest little guy to have been born to Melanie and Matt. I can't wait to watch this sweet baby grow. :)

Baby Kolbe | Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Newborn Photos

It only makes sense to follow up Mary and Steven's maternity photos with their cute baby boy, Kolbe! Come on. Look at that face in that first photo down there. What an alert little guy! He loved being held and swaddled and was the perfect mix of asleep and awake for his photos. 

Mary and Steven, you make wonderful parents! 

Baby Molly | Ohio In-Home Baby Photos

Molly's newborn photos put me in a good mood every time I look at them, and mostly because her big (dog) sister Mila never wanted to be too far away. :) I can just imagine these two growing up as the best of friends.

Baby Connor | Hudson Ohio Lifestyle Baby Photos

There are these moments as a photographer when you look around and pinch yourself because everything has come full circle. People have taken chances on you and turned into loyal clients. You can really envision what you're creating before the film comes back from the lab. It all kind of clicks into place.

I'm so thankful to those of you who ask me to photograph these fleeting moments in your family's life. Know that I don't take it lightly, and as someone who will have a baby of her own soon, I can see just how important freezing these moments will be.

This family definitely creates full-circle moments for me. Matt and Jen have turned into friends. I look forward to seeing all four (!) of them each time I get the chance to photograph big sister Lucy and her new little brother Connor. The fact that Connor looks so much like newborn Lucy is pretty wild.