365 Day Photo Challenge: May

Worked with the best, but laziest assistant ever * Attempted to mow the lawn with our manual mower * Second shot a wedding at the Union Club * Planted a garden! * Mulched * Enjoyed basil from our garden * Photographed a styled shoot * Received sweet gifts from clients * Had the most unhealthy, but delicious, dinner ever at B Spot * Relaxed * Had lunch with my grandma and mom * Photographed the Silver Spoon Awards party * Enjoyed the awesome weather * Wrote lots of to do lists * Had my office overtaken by flying ants (gross!) * Went to Pittsburgh for an engagement session * Took Rosie to the vet for the third time since we got her :( * Photographed a wedding in the Pennsylvania countryside * Took the rest of Memorial Day weekend off to spend with Nathan * Did some arts and crafts * Continued the fro yo obsession * Photographed a double header wedding weekend 365 Day Photo Challenge_May