September Goals + Creative Juices

This summer FLEW by. September always means fall in my mind, but I'm hoping for one more month of summer to slow things down. Speaking of slowing things down, Nathan and I talked a lot about work-life balance and boundaries when we were in St. Lucia (easy to do when you're sitting on a beach with no distractions!). He's pretty good at those things, but me? Let's just say setting better boundaries is my No. 1 goal for next year's season. And I'm going to practice this month by not putting so much on my plate for September. It's all about closing the office door at 5:30 p.m.! I can't believe it, but I have just six weddings left in the 2013 season! I'm excited to make the most of the rest of 2013 while remembering to play at least a little bit each day. :)


  1. Shoot three fabulous September weddings and stick to a two-week turnaround on each.
  2. Get caught up with album design.
  3. Submit at least two weddings for feature.
  4. Blog every weekday.
  5. Set up my retirement (finally!).
  6. Start in on a rebrand and new website!


  1. Read two books (The Butterfly's Daughter, Weird).
  2. Continue to design/decorate our living room/dining room.
  3. Ride bikes at least once.
  4. Work out four times a week.
  5. Start training for Cincinnati's Turkey Trot (yes, I have to train for a 10K).

And for your listening pleasure, here's September's Creative Juices. I heard The Lighthouse and The Whaler (Cleveland natives!) on NPR the other day and rushed home to download their music. I hope you love them too!