Thoughts: Entering My First Slow Season

When I came home from college on breaks, it always took me a couple days to get a grip on this new, slow pace I was living. I would feel EXHAUSTED for the first 48 hours, like I couldn’t make myself do anything, even though a few days prior I was running around like a crazy person getting stuff done. My mom always used to tell me that it was my body relaxing and I needed a couple days to recoup. The last couple weeks I’ve felt the same way, but … I’m not in college anymore. Instead, I’m entering my first slow season as a photographer and it’s like I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m finishing up editing my last few weddings and sessions, but somehow not having a mile-long to do list is unnerving.

Weird, right?? I’ve waited all this time to be slow! Having things to do allll the time seems to motivate me to keep things going. But now that I have some down time, I’m talking myself into skipping blog posts and I’m moving slower on end-of-the-year business stuff.

I think I need to listen to my body.

Once I’m accustomed to this new pace, I’m really looking forward to reviewing my 2012 season and working on improving things for next year. This first year in business exceeded my wildest expectations. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store!

Photography Slow Season

Thoughts: Breathing Deeply

He asked if I wanted to have a picnic at the beach. Honestly? My first thought was No, I can't. I'll never make up the lost time. But I knew he wouldn't accept that answer. Nathan's a lot better than me at taking a deep breath every once in awhile, and he knew I needed it. I was still talking myself into going as we drove to the beach through the warm summer night. We found a bench and ate crusty bread and sweet berries. The breeze blew our hair and we sat without saying a word.

This is how we balance each other. Me working too much, Nathan forcing me to breathe deeply and enjoy the moment … away from a screen. And we don't have to say anything to know what the other is thinking: that we're thankful to have balance. And each other.