My Favorite Things: March 2012

Favorite Things With this crazy warm and sunny weather we're having, I've got summer on the brain! Can you tell? :)

1. The blooming tree in our front yard. I always wanted a tree that bloomed pretty, fluffy flowers in the spring. And now we have one! Our whole street is lined with these bright, white trees and it looks so inviting when you drive into the neighborhood. I know the flowers won't last long, so I run to the window every couple hours to make sure it's still there.

2. Sweetie Fry (and Nathan ... he's definitely a favorite thing! :)). We had heard rave reviews about this new Cleveland Heights hot spot, and last night was the perfect time to try the infamous ice cream and french fries joint. We didn't opt for fries (although they looked delicious), but the ice cream was amazing. I could tell my peanut butter with hot fudge was homemade, but in a top notch kind of way (did that even make sense?). Nathan went with a maple bacon cone (yes, real chunks of bacon in that puppy!). Ice cream aside, I felt pretty plugged in to the community sitting in the cute cafe. If you're a Clevelander, definitely check it out!

3. Our new Fiskars lawn mower. Ever since we decided to buy our house, Nathan's been drooling over lawn mowers. We have a really small yard, so he finally settled on this no-motor option. I was slightly nervous about it, but we broke it out yesterday and it works great! The name ("Momentum") doesn't lie though. Nathan said it works better the faster you go, so if you happen to drive by and we're running around the yard, don't be alarmed.

4. Spool No. 72. This crazy warm weather makes me want to break out all my sundresses and go frolic in a field. :) I don't really NEED a new dress, but I like to look at them, and Spool No. 72 is my current favorite window-shopping (screen-shopping?) store. I especially like the two shown above!

5. Starbucks Iced Skinny Caramel Latte. I'm not kidding you, it's like I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I switched from the hot latte to the iced one. Yes, I get this drink year-round, and the cold version is so refreshing. Perfect on a warm afternoon!

6. Smash. You're probably thinking, Does this girl only ever watch TV in her free time?? The answer is ... sometimes, but as I get into busy season I'm really working on being a little more purposeful with my time! More on that later. Back to TV. This show is so addicting. It's about a musical being made, like from the verrrry beginning through the workshops through ... Broadway? We're not there yet, but I could really see this musical about Marilyn Monroe hitting the stage in real life. The songs are amazing, so I hope that's where they're headed.