101 in 1001: #1 Buy a Camera Bag I Can Shoot With.

Does it feel like everything's moving really fast? And when I say everything, I'm personally thinking about this business. I feel like it was just yesterday I was launching this blog, getting my first (or second) camera bag, declaring I was going to try this photography thing on my own, branding myself ... and now this Saturday I'll be shooting my first wedding of the season. And then it's on to tackle albums. I'm so thankful that this photography dream has taken on a life of its own. I feel incredibly blessed that I've been able to work quickly and take on one new thing after another. Kind of crazy, but also crazy exciting. :)

So anyways, onto the subject of this post: the Posey bag by Kelly Moore! As shoots picked up, I realized how much I needed a smaller, lightweight camera bag that I could wear during a session. I was constantly going to my big bag to change lenses or cards, and I was wasting time. It definitely wouldn't do on a wedding day. Enter Posey bag.

When I was looking for a bag I could shoot with, I thought about SHOOTSAC. I've used Amanda's while working weddings with her, and while I love how well it lays against your side, I really wanted something that I could set on the ground without falling over. That's the one drawback to the SHOOTSAC for me. Sometimes I lay on the ground for a shot, and it's necessary for me to keep my gear safe if I have to take off my bag.

So, since I love my Kelly Moore JuJu bag, I decided to look at her line again. Kelly Moore's bags are so durable and practical, but also cute! And the Posey is no exception. It meets all of my requirements and then some. Take a look:

Camera Bag Review Looks like a purse, right? I love that I can now safely take my camera out with me and not look like I'm carrying a camera bag.

Camera Bag Review The top flaps fold down for when you're shooting, and they magnetically stay in place. Brilliant!

Camera Bag Review I divide the inside into three compartments, so I can fit three lenses in there when I shoot. I can also fit my 5D mkii with two lenses if I want that option.

Camera Bag ReviewThere are so many pockets! One on the back that closes with a magnet (center photo) and multiple on the front. My favorite part about this bag is the secret zipped compartment that has a sleeve for lots of CF cards and also a ton of pouches for business cards. I definitely will never run out of room in this bag.

So, what bag do YOU shoot with and why? Any other brands I should be checking out?