101 in 1001: #24 Plant a Garden.

We had visions of our garden before we even knew we would be able to plant one. The sun would be shining as we picked carrots from the soil. I would probably be wearing a super cute sun hat while Rosie ran around chasing butterflies. ...

Let's be real. We planted our garden with much gusto. We were SO excited. Our neighbor offered up this little plot of soil between our houses, and we just knew we would be feasting on green beans and spinach and peppers in no time. Until the bunnies started eating everything, including the one tiny little strawberry we were completely smitten with. Until we realized we hadn't watered the garden for a week. Until I got so busy, I completely forgot we even had a garden (for proof, see picture below of our basil plant in May and then in September).

Basil Garden

Yesterday, we discovered our garden again and realized we had some carrots. Except that we forgot to thin the carrots out, so they ranged from hugely short and squat (kind of resembling a sumo wrestler) to the most minuscule, inedible things you've ever seen. You better believe we'll be eating those carrots though.


One day, I want to tend to a garden just like the one at Lucky's. I would love to grow my own wildflowers that I can pick for vases and be completely self sufficient when it comes to summer vegetables. I'm hoping that our neighbor isn't silently cursing us and already making plans to ban us from the garden next season. Because I really would love to try again. :)