July Goals + Creative Juices

The fourth of July always meant summer's halfway point when I was little and on summer break. I'm not sure that's really accurate, but in my mind we were on the downhill slide back to school once July 5 showed up. I remember it was always a little shocking to realize that we had to go to school the next month. I hope, hope, hope that summer's sticking around a little longer this year because a) I feel like we haven't had a lot of it with this weird weather and b) I think I blinked away June. Where did it go? That's the thing about being a wedding photographer. Your busy season is right, smack dab in the middle of the (best) season and you tend to get consumed with all things photography until the weather cools down and you wonder what just happened. :)

For the rest of July, I'm really going to attempt to shut down my computer earlier and soak up some of summer with Nathan. We finally got our outdoor furniture and eating outside more often is high on my list of things to do! For the rest of my July goals:


  1. Shoot four fabulous July weddings (two down already!) and stick to a three-week turnaround on each (whew, that two-week turnaround is HARD with double headers!).
  2. Start designing albums for my June couples.
  3. Submit at least two weddings for feature.
  4. Blog every weekday.


  1. Read two books (Wild, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess).
  2. Eat outside at least two nights a week.
  3. Enjoy two more Indians games.
  4. RELAX at the lake house (i.e., no more than a couple hours of work a day).
  5. Work out four times a week.
  6. Finish planning our August vacation (whoo!).

And because there just aren't enough weekdays in a month to blog everything that I want to blog this time of year, I'm sharing my July Creative Juices in my goals post! If you've seen Pitch Perfect, you know this song: Cups, sung by Anna Kendrick (who knew she could sing??). I am currently obsessed. It's so fun and reminds me of that movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you must! So good!