365 Day Photo Challenge: April

Worked out some * Tried to eat healthier * Worked on our new photo booth * Received an awesome gift from Elissa and Steve * Abandoned the eating healthy and indulged in Dewey's * Shot an amazing wedding at 78th Street Studios * Tried Piccadilly frozen yogurt (yum!) * Enjoyed awesome weather * Had lattes with my fabulous assistant, Emily * Went on a double date * Learned how to make craft cocktails * Watched my Blue Ash gymnasts compete at Zones * Got dressed up to have our pictures taken * Watched the trees blossom * Watched beautiful sunsets * Shot another amazing spring wedding * Got a cat and named her Rosie! * Became obsessed with Rosie * Took advantage of the warm weather and went for lots of runs ... *  ... and walked back from the car shop in the pouring rain * Played with Rosie * Put away my boots until the fall * Got a new car (name pending ... :) )! * Finished up all weddings until mid-May! 365 Day Photo Challenge