In Progress | My Office

I love that Nathan and I thought we might be done upgrading/painting/decorating our house by the end of the year ... as in 2012. HA! We had absolutely no idea what it means to be homeowners, and we're now realizing that all those lofty plans take a backseat to a leaky chimney or a freezing cold house. But like I said in my last house post, I am appreciating all of this and I think taking it slow helps me enjoy the process. We're currently on our second room—my office, yay!—and Nathan has been amazing taking my grandiose ideas and making them a reality. Seriously, how did I get so lucky?

My office is really cute but really hard to figure out design-wise. It was an add-on room over the garage, and it has a peaked roof, tiny closet doors and an alcove in the middle of a wall. We decided that wainscoting was a good choice on the walls because you can't do much with them otherwise. Plus it fit my whole vintage-but-grown-up theme (I just made that up right now). And can I please tell you that Nathan did ALL the woodwork. He is so talented. Here's his talent in the painting department:

Office Makeover Office Makeover Here's that wainscoting that Nathan built himself. Minus whittling the wood, he did it all.

And below, please don't judge my messy desk. I've been working around all the construction. :)

Office Makeover

I'm crossing my fingers and my toes that I will be able to show you the finished product in the next couple months. Can't wait!