November Goals

The Royal Mile Edinburgh Scotland Sweet, sweet November. How good to see you! No matter how much I plan, October always seems to be way crazy, but now all of a sudden here I am on the other side! November is the month of my last weddings of the year, the start to my slow season, family, friends, good food, another Turkey Trot, lots of time to read good books ... I can't wait to get it all started!

And my BIG goal this month is to savor every piece of it. If I learned anything from October, it's that I tend to ignore everything else around me when I have a lot of work on my plate. I wish I could be one of those people who can separate each piece of their lives, but I let work take over and can't focus or enjoy anything else until I get it all done. Ugh, gross, right? I'll be working on this over the next year.

I'd love to hear about your goals + plans for November! Also, any tips on how you savor the little things in life while balancing a full work/family load are much appreciated!

  • Read four books (25 in 12): The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan, Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and Boundaries by Henry Cloud
  • Run 3/week to continue training for the Turkey Trot ... and then RUN IT!
  • Order our Christmas cards
  • Start Christmas shopping
  • Make a new dish for Thanksgiving dinner
  • Put together a little something something for my fantastic clients ;)
  • Finalize all wedding editing and album design
  • Finish submitting weddings for publication

November Goals + Creative Juices

Whitesburg Nature Preserve Chagrin Falls Ohio OK, I have to be honest with you all. I had really high hopes for October ... you know, being done with weddings and all ... but the truth is, October was my craziest month yet. I didn't get much done except try to keep up with my editing schedule. So, it looks like I'm pretty much transferring my October goals to November. And November will be all about getting caught up so I can enjoy the holidays to the fullest! :)


  1. Get completely caught up on editing (SO many sessions and one more wedding will be shared on the blog this month!)
  2. Finish all album design for the 2013 season.
  3. Get caught up on Facebook albums.
  4. Get caught up on vendor discs.
  5. Submit at least five weddings.
  6. Finalize my holiday client gifts.
  7. Blog at least three/week.
  8. Start writing content for my new website. :)


  1. Finish Weird, and read Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Sisters (i.e., watch LESS TV and pick up a book!).
  2. Watch my BFF get married!
  3. Continue training for Cincinnati's Turkey Trot.
  4. Make a new dish for Thanksgiving.
  5. Visit Chicago!
  6. Clean out my closet.
  7. Do a thorough cleaning on our house.
  8. Hang our Christmas wreaths on the windows.

And here's a musical pick-me-up for your Monday morning: Sweeter than This by Katie Herzig. This is such a carefree song and sums up the fun November I'm envisioning! :)