The Finished Product | Nolan's Nursery

Before we even knew if Baby Baldwin was a boy or girl, I knew I wanted to do a neutral nursery. I'm not super into the stereotypical boy and girl stuff; I saw clean, white walls and lots of black, brown, cream and gold in the tiny room we'd picked for the nursery.

That was the challenge: Nolan's nursery is pretty small and we had to be really intentional about the bigger pieces we picked for his room. I think it works though! Yes, we wish we had a little bit more room. A bigger dresser would be helpful, and the rocking chair hits the wall sometimes, but it's a cozy little space that I hope he enjoys for awhile. :)

Crib: Bratt Decor
Hand-Lettered Sign: House of Belonging
Mobile: The Felting Dorcas
Rocking Chair: Best Home Furnishings (ordered via Fish Furniture)
End Table: Urban Outfitters
Rug: Urban Outfitters
Shelf: Country Door
Animal Heads: Little Living Shop, Atelier Caroline and Target
Moses & Changing Table Baskets: Design Dua

April Goals

April 2017 seemed like such a long way off last summer. It was always dubbed "Baby Month," something that was inevitably coming but only partially seemed real. It's probably the most cliche thing to say, but I can't believe we're about to meet our little guy! I'm excited but I'm also a bit anxious. I know the next months will be filled with newness, love and some frustration too. In light of all that, my April goals are short and sweet.

April Goals

  • Have newborn photos taken
  • Enjoy this new season for what it is!

That's it! What about you? What are you most looking forward to this spring? Anyone else have a baby on the way? And just because I can't post a blog without a photo, here's a little sneak peek of Baby Baldwin's nursery. More to come, of course!

(Also, I should mention that I'm officially on maternity leave starting today. I'll be slowly responding to e-mails as time allows, but it won't be my first priority the next couple months. Thanks, in advance, for your patience with me!)

Baby Mary | Tremont Lifestyle Baby Photos

Oh my goodness. This sweet, peaceful newborn session has a soft spot in my heart. At six weeks old, little Mary was technically not a newborn when we took these photos, and that's because she and her mom (and dad!) went through some trying times at the beginning of her life. Some complications after her birth left her mom, Caitlin, in the hospital for a lot longer than anyone anticipated, and it was hard all around.

During the session, I commented on how sweet and easy Mary was, and Caitlin said she thinks it's because she's had to deal with lots of ups and downs already. Whether or not that's true, this little girl is an angel. Her entire family is home now, and one thing is certain: They love each other!