Logging in to my little corner of the Internet felt oddly strange. That last post from September? It was the last time I logged in to my website, which seems like something I probably shouldn't share with you but I think we're beyond all that at this point.

I've missed blogging. I have. But I feel like I'm wearing so many hats right now that "blogger" had to come off. At least for a little bit.

You guys, parenting is hard work. It's FULFILLING work, but it's hard and time consuming. I want to be there for all of my little guy's milestones. And I don't just want to physically be there, but I want to be fully present, which means that other things have to make way for this season of life.

It's hard for me to admit that because I see so many people juggling so much more than I am, and doing it so seemingly effortlessly, but I've had to be honest with myself over the last few months about what I want and what I'm willing to give up for something else.

2018 will be the year of MARGIN for me. After talking with friends, reading books and listening to podcasts on the subject of hustling vs. simplifying, I know that this is what I need. I need a reduced workload so I can 100% focus on work when I'm working and family when I'm ... familying. ;) I need to say no so I can say YES to the things that really and truly matter.

Keeping margin in my life is my one and only overarching goal for 2018.

Living a life of margin_0001.jpg