365 Day Photo Challenge: September (+ Creative Juices)

Arrived back in the good ol' US of A after a fantastic vacation in St. Lucia * We grew a magical pepper in our garden! * Celebrated our second anniversary with a homemade dinner and dessert * Enjoyed some beautiful weather * Played florist for my friend Sharon's bridal shower ... * ... and then celebrated her soon-to-be marriage! * Visited the lake on a beautiful, windy Sunday * Was reminded why I eat chocolate when my wrappers gave me words of affirmation ;) * Photographed three beautiful September weddings * Had our street's annual block party * Coached some gymnastics at the Y * Obsessed over the return of New Girl * Had my office destroyed by Rosie vs. packaging peanuts * Went on a brewery tour with a wedding party * Started drinking hot drinks again! * Scouted photo locations for an upcoming Gervasi wedding (that place is beautiful!) * Enjoyed hot, fresh donuts (compliments of a donut truck) at a wedding *  Had a major unhealthy eating streak and put chocolate on everything (here Nathan is modeling melted chocolate chips on top of banana bread) * Gave in to Rosie's deli meat cravings 365 Day Photo Challenge

And to make sure I get my music inspiration to you this month, here's October's Creative Juices! I'm slightly obsessed with Lorde's Royals (i.e., I listen to it on repeat while I edit, and yes, I've memorized all the words thankyouverymuch), but I'm beginning to like Team equally as much. Take a listen. Do you have a preference?