June Goals

Jeremy Kester HH Boogie Ah, June. The most popular wedding month of the year. (Actually, I'm not sure that's proven. Don't quote me on it! ;) ) In light of a busy, busy month over here at Lane Baldwin Photography, I'm keeping my goals simple and fun this month. And I'm remembering my time at H.H. Boogie Unshop just a few weeks ago, where we slowed life down to listen and laugh and rest, and occasionally shoot (that photo of me up there was taken by the lovely Carolyn Ann Photography with my first roll of Kodak Portra 400 film! It looks peaceful, right? It was! And I bet you would never guess that I was surrounded by furry llamas). More on Unshop soon!

  • Read two books (25 in 12): Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner and The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon (I'm a little behind here but hoping to catch up this month!)
  • Take one day completely OFF a week
  • Finish entryway
  • Have a firepit. Roast s'mores
  • Try a new (to us), local brunch spot
  • Work out 4/week
  • Keep up with no longer than a three week turnaround on weddings
  • Start refining my message
  • Submit two weddings
  • Turn 29 in style!

June Goals

Cleveland Summer Yesterday really felt like the start of summer around the Baldwin house. I had just come off a two-wedding weekend and we lazied around all day, the weather was perfect, and we broke out our fire pit with some friends. As I was standing on our upstairs balcony taking the picture above, I felt so thankful to have had a day like that. When I hit busy season, I tend to go into all-or-nothing mode, get really stressed and and forget to take time to just enjoy the days. And it's summer, people! My favorite season. :) This year I'm truly going to enjoy it!

Without further ado, my June goals*:


  1. Shoot four fabulous June weddings and stick to a two-week turnaround on each.
  2. Update my photography budget (just a little bit every day!).
  3. Blog every weekday.


  1. Read two books  (Eight Girls Taking PicturesWild). (For real this time!)
  2. Officially put our DirecTV on HOLD for the summer.
  3. Pick out patio furniture and spend our evenings outside.
  4. Attend our first Indians (or Windians, right?!) game of the summer.
  5. Start coaching gymnastics again.
  6. Work out 4/week.
  8. Turn 28 (what?!) in style. :)

*I've decided not to keep recapping old goals on the blog. So sad, I know. ;) I figure you probably don't really care what I actually accomplished and what I didn't.