County Kerry and Blarney, Ireland | Travel

Ring of Kerry Film PhotographyLast night, Nathan and I had a viewing party of allll the photos from our trip to Ireland and Scotland. It was like reliving every moment. And it was like Christmas morning watching all those film scans being deposited on to my hard drive.

We originally started talking about hopping across the pond a couple years ago. We had about three different dates set but kept having to push it back for various reasons. I'm so grateful that we were able to make it happen … and we really ended up going at the perfect time. 1) The weather in Ireland was beyond perfect. I've been to Ireland before, and I fully expected gray skies and rain, but it was 70 degrees and sunny the whole time! A dream! 2) The Scottish independence vote happened while we were in Scotland. SO cool to witness! Those things, plus a whole bunch of others, made this a trip of a lifetime.

I have so many photos from our trip, I'm breaking it down into a few different parts. Up first is our time in Killarney, Dingle and Blarney.

Muckross House County Kerry Ireland We got off the plane and promptly started adventuring. We saw Muckross House and Killarney National Park with about four hours of sleep in the last 30 hours. Excitement of being in Ireland is the only thing that carried us through. :)

Muckross House County Kerry Ireland Ireland Jaunting Carts Inch Beach, Ireland We were hardcore tourists in Ireland. Thank goodness for Nathan's newfound skill of driving on the left side of the road. We took our little rental car everywhere. And didn't get run off those narrow roads once!

Seeing Dingle Peninsula was one of our favorite things we did on the trip. It was beyond gorgeous, and the perfect weather made it that much more magical.

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland Dingle, Ireland Ireland Farmers Market Irish Sheep, Dingle Peninsula Cliff Cafe, Dingle Peninsula Ireland Then we stopped for tea and scones (and apple pie!) on the edge of a cliff. A cliff! This is my new dream: move to Ireland and open a cute little cafe with a million dollar view.

ff CaCliff Cafe, Dingle Peninsula Ireland Dingle Peninsula Beach, Ireland Traveling with a big camera is kinda interesting, especially when you ask strangers to take a photo of you. We've learned that they either a) get really wide eyed and nervous about touching the thing (let alone taking a picture) … and rightfully so! or b) get really excited to take a photo … or two … or three. A super nice lady took this photo of us, and then a few more that were blurry. How do you nicely stop someone from finishing off your roll of film?!

Dingle Peninsula Beach Dingle Peninsula, Ireland Dingle Peninsula, Ireland Gap of Dunloe, Ireland The Gap of Dunloe was AMAZING! I felt like I was in a Lord of the Rings movie. The light was sparkly! If you're every in Killarney, make sure to go early in the morning.

Gap of Dunloe, Ireland Gap of Dunloe, Ireland Dingle Peninsula, Ireland Blarney Castle, Ireland And then we made the obligatory trip to Blarney Castle. I kissed the stone when I was 17, but it was just as cool 12 years later. :)

Blarney Castle, Ireland

Where we stayed: Burke's Mulbur House Where we ate: Cronins Restaurant, Teac Couminole Cafe, Paddy's Restaurant What we did: Visited Muckross House and Killarney National Park, strolled through downtown Killarney, took Slea Head Drive all the way around Dingle Peninsula (made stops at various beaches along the way), drove through the Gap of Dunloe (early in the morning!), visited Blarney Castle and walked the grounds