The Honeymoon, Part 2: Oahu, Hawaii

Halfway through our honeymoon, Nathan and I flew to Oahu to begin our next adventure (see part 1 here). We visited Waikiki and stayed at the Hale Koa, a military hotel. At that point, Nathan was still in the Air Force (he's out now, working in the "real world" as we say), so it worked out well. Then we drove all the way around the island to the North Shore, where we stayed at Turtle Bay Resort. It was around this time that we got extremely lazy. Like all we could make ourselves do was sit at the pool and shove food in our mouths. Seriously, you don't want to see the breakfast buffet we were eating off of each morning ... SO MUCH FOOD. It was quite [deliciously] disgusting looking back on it, but at the time, after months and months of job searching, wedding planning, and preparing to move, it. was. glorious!

Hawaii sounds pretty good right now, especially considering this rainy, gray, cold weather we've been having lately. I hope these pictures cheer you up a bit if the weather's less than par where you are. And, if you've been super busy, I hope you get an extremely lazy day soon. Tons of food and all!

If you'd rather WATCH the pictures instead of LOOK at them (did that even make sense?), I made a video with all our pictures and video clips at the bottom.

The view of Honolulu from our hotel!

And the view of Waikiki the other way!

Oh, you're wondering what I'm doing? Just grilling my dinner!

Nathan became a pro paddle boarder. I did not. I was much better at sitting on the board and riding.

OK, you guys. I'm really putting myself out there with this absurd snorkeling picture. My mask was too big! I had to downsize to a kids mask.

This was the most amazing beach I have ever been on. We got to go to Bellows Air Force Base because, again, Nathan was in the military. Floury white sand on an Air Force Base?? A-MAZING!

Yes, that sand is as pristine as it looks.

THIS PICTURE CRACKS ME UP! It was too ridiculous not to post. The hair, the floating hand, the cheesy smile. Hahaha! This was one of many attempts at a self-timer picture. The problem was that after setting my camera, I had to [very carefully] run over tons of pointy rocks to get in place.

We had to do the obligatory visit to the Dole Pineapple Plant. I've never seen so many pineapple products in my life.

Our last hotel had a restaurant where you could eat on the sand. Like a dream come true! :)

Haha! We had to get a touristy picture. Aloha!

And, here's the video! The song is Good Life by OneRepublic. My favorite!