101 in 1001: #36 Get Published.

I opened my eyes and contemplated going back to sleep, but as soon as I remembered that it was 11/12, I jumped out of bed and ran to my computer. Today is the day I get my first photography feature, and I couldn't be more excited about it! When Lauren from Every Last Detail e-mailed me back to say yes, she'll publish Elizabeth and Kevin's beautiful backyard wedding, I did a little happy dance and ran to tell Nathan. I still feel like a newbie in this industry and sometimes I'm completely hard on myself, wallowing in self-pity that I will never be as good as X or I will never be as successful as Y. Today I'm going to forget that negative stuff and just be giddy that I see my fabulous clients and my name on a big-time blog.

If you have time today, head over the Every Last Detail and check out how good Elizabeth and Kevin are making that blog look!

Every Last Detail Blog Feature