Creative Juices: Client Meeting Playlist

I meet clients in my home office these days, but way back when, I would travel to coffee shops all over Cleveland meeting brides and grooms and hearing about their wedding days. There were pros and cons to that. Pro: I looove the vibe at almost all coffee shops. The music and the atmosphere perfectly complement a steaming latte. Con: It can be impossible to have a conversation over all the other conversations happening in that one space. See what I mean? So now I bring my favorite parts of a coffee shop to my cozy office: hot drinks, comfy chairs and soothing music. That plus no background noise is really a win-win for me! Since it's been awhile since I shared a Creative Juices, I thought I'd share the playlist I use during client meetings. These are some of my all-time favorite songs, combined with some new favorites. I could listen to this every day (and sometimes I do)! I hope it inspires you today. :)

Creative Juices

Creative Juices: Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez

Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty yet? If you answered no to that question, I encourage you to make your way to the closest movie theater stat! Walter Mitty has made its way onto my List of Favorite Movies Ever. The cinematography is just so gorgeous and the story is uplifting and encouraging. For a lifelong traveler, it touched my heart and made me want to pack a bag and get on the next plane to Iceland. (Go see the movie. You'll know what I mean.) As we were leaving the theater and the credits were rolling above us, this song by José González was playing. It was the perfect end to a beautiful story, and I downloaded it as soon as we got home. Enjoy the sweet tune!

And in case you're in need of a new playlist, I thought I'd share my 2013 Creative Juices picks:

Creative Juices: First Train Home by Imogen Heap

Happy Monday, friends! We're going a little funky for this month's Creative Juices. Despite the fact that I never understand any of the words to Imogen Heap's songs, I love the electronic, dance-y vibe. (It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but my college BFF and I used to play/sing Hide and Seek every, single morning [and afternoon and night if I'm being completely honest] of our senior year. We thought we sounded exactly like Ms. Imogen. Pretty sure we drove our other roommates nuts. :) ) This song isn't new, but I've been listening to it a lot lately and thought I'd share in case you missed out. And really, WHAT is she saying?? "Frisbee one by one, your final unlaminate, desperate for some kind of contact." That's probably it. ;)

Creative Juices: The Daylight by Andrew Belle

Happy Monday! For me, Mondays are just like another other day and don't necessarily hold the stereotypical "blah" like they do for others. That's the beauty of working from home and doing something you really enjoy, I suppose! When I worked for the fraternity, despite the fact that I liked my job and the people I worked with, Monday mornings always just kind of stared me in the face. I had a one-hour commute just to get to work, and that long drive was daunting at 7 a.m. when I was half asleep. Having good music on those car rides was a lifesaver (that's when Nancy's radio still worked).

If I would have known about Andrew Belle when I drove back and forth from Cincinnati to Oxford, I'm sure my Mondays would have been a little better. This song is beautiful and I love when it surprises me on my iTunes shuffle. Enjoy! :)