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Breckenridge Colorado I love taking photographs. I really do. But it is my job, as well as my hobby, so when I'm on vacation I tend to want to put the camera away and enjoy the time without a camera in front of my face. It's hard because my mind is wired to constantly take pictures so moments can always be remembered. Sometimes (a lot of times) I have to remind myself that I'll remember the moments even better if I truly experience them for myself.

When we were on vacation in Breckenridge, Colo., with Nathan's family this last week I really tried to soak it all in and keep my camera in it's bag most of the time. Nathan got some shots with his point-and-shoot, so this blog post is a compilation of both of our cameras.

Our time in Breckenridge was like no other vacation I've had. It was athletic and I'm not a skier, so I was sore. I've never been sore on a vacation. :) That said, it was refreshing to change it up and see the mountains of Colorado. It is so beautiful out West, that's for sure! Breckenridge is this picture-perfect mountain town that seems too cute to be real. I loved walking the streets and admiring the quaint houses and shops ... and the Christmas lights were up all around town. Love it!

We started at Casa Bonita in Denver. SO much going on ...

Breckenridge Colorado

Our view from the condo ... :)

Breckenridge Colorado

I did not attempt slopes that looked like this ...

Breckenridge Colorado Breckenridge Colorado Breckenridge Colorado

A little hot tub time was necessary after a day of skiing.

Breckenridge Colorado Breckenridge Colorado

101 in 1001: #33 Ski down a moderate-sized hill without falling.

We're baaaack! Although you probably didn't even know we'd gone unless you follow me on Instagram. Nathan and I were in Breckenridge, Colo., on a ski vacation with his family. And it was WAY warmer in Colorado that it is in Cleveland. Brr! ANYWAYS, one of my 101 goals and January goals was to ski down a hill without falling. If you know me you know I am NOT a skier, but I am married to one. Nathan goes skiing with his family every year, and I joined for the first time this year! My trip ranged from taking a beginner class to having a panic attack on top of a blue mountain. It was quite the range of emotions. :) BUT. I did ski down some greens without falling. And just for posterity's sake, I'm sharing it here.

I was super tired and not in the mood to be videotaped (can you tell by the freeze frame?! Hahaha!), but looking back I'm so glad Nathan caught this and narrated the entire thing. Haha. My favorite part is when he tells me to go "lightening fast" and the I start out at 0.3 miles an hour. Oh, so embarrassing. I'm a cautious skier, what can I say?