Medina Christmas Tree Farm Lifestyle Photos

I have so, so many shoots and weddings to share with you, so let's start with a holiday shoot that has my heart. This family of three wanted to celebrate Baby Annie's first Christmas at a Christmas tree farm, and Medina Christmas Tree Farm was kind enough to let us use their gorgeous property. It didn't hurt that it was a beautiful November day and we got a golden sunset!

Jesse, Maggie and Annie are such a joyful family and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves. I loved every minute and may need to get back to a tree farm to shoot mini sessions next year! ;)

Rocky River Reservation Family Photos

This family is the coolest, and that photo up there is so them. Ken and Angie have become friends over the last couple years, and they always keep us laughing. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that there's never a dull moment when they're around.

I love that one up there of Coraline talking with her hands. Too much cuteness! ;)