Christie & Charlie | Pinecroft Estate Cincinnati Wedding

Almost a year later, this wedding is still just as sweet. And it gets me super excited for spring. :)

Christie and Charlie met at OSU freshman year and they never looked back. Through summers apart, medical school and planning for a life together in another state, these two say their favorite thing about the other is that they're perfectly balanced.

I have to agree, and that's just from one beautiful day spent photographing their new marriage. Christie and Charlie were never happier that day than when they were together. There was a lightness and reassurance every time we did a few portraits together, when they wed in the orchard at Pinecroft Estate, and when they danced through the night. What a beautiful thing to witness.

Congrats, you guys!

Ceremony and Reception: Pinecroft at Crosley Estate
Caterer: Funky's
Florist: Floral Verde
Cake: Maribelle Cakery
DJ: DJ Toad
Makeup Artist: Simply Makeup & Hair
Hair Stylist: Carly Kipp
Bride's Dress: Jenny Yoo, Carrie Karibo
Bride's Shoes: Calvin Klein
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale, Nordstrom
Honeymoon: Greece!

Sierra | Cincinnati Lifestyle Portraits

Montgomery Ohio Family PhotosLet me tell you a little bit about this beauty named Sierra. She and I bonded over our mutual love of gymnastics when I coached her on a team in Cincinnati. There's something special about that sport that just latches on to you and settles in for a good long while, and it creates bonds between people that are unbreakable. I can't explain it, but all you gymnasts out there know what I mean.

Montgomery Ohio Family Photos

I have a lot of vivid and favorite memories of coaching Sierra, but I always come back to an image of this tiny, determined gymnast up on the beam. I'm not sure why I always picture her on the beam—she's probably laughing right now because that's her least favorite event—but there she is in my mind. And I'm spotting her on a back walkover.

Montgomery Ohio Family Photos

Sierra was a part of my life when I was fresh out of college (not that much older than she is now as a senior in high school, ready to leap off into the college world), trying to find my way and figure out how I could balance the mundane aspects of grownup life with all the ideas and dreams I had swirling around in my head. Coaching her and her teammates was therapeutic for me. They were just as excited as I was about gymnastics and they trusted me wholeheartedly. It was such a great place for me to be, and hopefully they have good memories of that team too. :) I'm so indebted to those girls for accepting me as I was, and Sierra has been my biggest cheerleader ever since.

Montgomery Ohio Family Photos

As soon as I started on this photography path, Sierra told me that I was going to take her senior photos. I would laugh, knowing she'd surely forget about it when the time came. But then the time came and sure enough, here came Sierra telling me it was time for her senior photos. That girl is loyal through and through.

I feel like I've got to add my disclaimer now: I'm not actually a senior photographer. It's just never been one of my biggest strengths, even though I love that end-of-high-school stage in life. There's so much possibility and so much excitement. And I knew I had to try my very best to capture that for Sierra, the girl who's followed me through this journey and for whom I'm so grateful.

Montgomery Ohio Family Photos

Sierra is passionate about gymnastics, which I especially love as a coach, but she's got this drive in all aspects of her life. She reminds me of me in some ways, but she's probably way more mature than I was at 17. ;) Hanging out with Sierra during this session was so refreshing. She's interested in lots of stuff, she's a great conversationalist, she laughs easily and doesn't take herself too seriously. My favorite kind of person! Sierra is poised to do great things, and I'm so excited to follow her adventures.

Montgomery Ohio Family Photos You can do ANYTHING you want, friend. Know that, and know that I'll be cheering you on just as much as you've supported me!

Montgomery Ohio Family Photos

And just for fun, here's an adorable picture of middle-school Sierra and me hanging out in the photobooth at my wedding!

Sprout Squared Photobooth

Baby Beckett | Newborn

Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos^^^ Baby yawns get me every time. Especially when they're from a baby of reallllly good friends. Our dear friends Nicole and Kelby had another beautiful baby boy, Mr. Beckett! (See baby #1 here.) He is really smiley (now at four months) and so laid back. This little guy was along for the ride during his newborn shoot, even when his big brother, Owen, wasn't quite so sure about all the commotion in his home. :)

Enjoy this plethora of black and white images. I don't think I've ever blogged FEWER color photos before!

Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Cincinnati Lifestyle Newborn Photos Love you guys.

The Donaho Family

Covington Kentucky Family Session This family makes me so incredibly happy. And what a perfect post for the day before Thanksgiving! For those of you that don't know, Amanda is my mentor. She's the talented photographer who taught me everything I know. :) I'm so, so thankful for her, and I was SOOO flattered that she asked me to do a family session for her clan. She and Hayden have some ADORABLE kids. They each have their own cute personalities as you will soon see ...

Covington Kentucky Family Session

Roman had me laughing the whole time. He is cute and he knows it. :)

Covington Kentucky Family Session

Little Harper is as sweet as can be. Her three older brothers are so good with her!

Covington Kentucky Family Session Covington Kentucky Family Session Covington Kentucky Family Session Covington Kentucky Family Session

Max is Roman's twin, but he's not quite the ham that Roman is. This little guy is a sensitive one!

Covington Kentucky Family Session Covington Kentucky Family Session

Check out Roman checking out Noah's jumping skills. I'm pretty sure he thinks his big brother is the coolest.

Covington Kentucky Family Session

Noah is the best big brother. And he's so smart too!

Covington Kentucky Family Session

Please. check. out. Roman. Oh my goodness.

Covington Kentucky Family Session

Love it.

Covington Kentucky Family Session Covington Kentucky Family Session