Rosie Update

Rosie, our beloved black-and-white cat, turned one year old (-ish … since she's a rescue, we really have no idea when her birthday is) a month ago. I realized I haven't done a proper Rosie blog post since we got her, and I think it's time I right that wrong. To all you cat haters out there, just scroll right along to the next post. :) Rosie the Cat_0001

She loves:

  • Chicken (And we give in to her begging waaay too much.)
  • Toy mice (She's hidden a 15 pack all over the house and we can't find any of them!)
  • Rubber bands (We frequently find them in our shoes. I think it adds a little element of surprise to her game.)
  • The neighbor cat Marco (Nathan caught them sitting in our adirondack chairs last summer having a chat.)
  • Unplugging my laptop
  • Brita water (Haha, I wish I was kidding but our cat only drinks Brita water now.)
  • Cuddling with us on our red blanket
  • Hiding in our guest bed's mattress springs (She literally gets inside through a hole.)

Rosie the Cat_0002

She hates:

  • Being petted on her back and stomach
  • Not getting enough attention
  • Every other cat in the neighborhood besides Marco
  • Being tormented by the squirrels and birds
  • Getting wet
  • Rubber bands once they've broken