101 in 1001: #97 Blog Every Day for a Month.

I've had this thing looming over me. This single task that was written on my 101 list: Blog EVERY DAY for a month. I was slightly terrified. Ever since I've been part of this industry, I've admired those photographers who not only blog every day, but blog really relevant and well-written content. I can now say from experience that it's really hard! At the same time, I realized that the blogs I was visiting every day were the blogs that would have new content every day. And if anyone out there is reading this, I want to make sure I have new content for them every day.

So, a few things I learned from blogging "every" day for a month:

  1. It's really hard. Period.
  2. You have to hold yourself to a standard of grace. I missed two days of blogging and I was all bent out of shape about it, but you know what? Sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack.
  3. I need to work on getting blogs done the day before so that my content is better ... all around.
  4. I kinda like it. And I think I'm going to continue.

What about you bloggers out there? Do you blog every day? What inspires you?

Just for fun, I wanted to share some of my favorite photography blogs, most of which I check each and every day!

And just because I can't post without a picture, here's another one from my wedding last weekend. The full wedding will be on the blog on Thursday!

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