Meet Rosie

Black and White Kitten We adopted a cat, you guys! As I write this, this tiny, little furball is squished up against my leg. :) Rosie is a 10-week-old kitten that we found through a local shelter. We had been casually talking about getting a pet ... thought about a dog, decided that was too much work (ha!), talked about a cat, talked about a dog again and then found Rosie! We knew that if we went to look at animals we'd probably end up with one, and Rosie is perfect and SUPER friendly.

She loves:

  • Cuddling
  • Playing with her toy mouse ... and receipts and wrappers
  • Exploring every inch of every space
  • Burrowing under blankets

She hates:

  • Being alone
  • Using her litter box (oh boy)
  • The dryer

Black and White Kitten