Rolling with the Punches

So far, March has been my least favorite month of 2013. Between the never-ending snow, being sick twice, and having Nathan in and out for work, I'm so ready for April showers. I read this quote Sunday night determined to make Monday productive: "How you start your day determines your day." I was going to wake up early and have a healthy breakfast smoothie with Nathan before diving in to my full Inbox. I had my whole day planned out with big aspirations of culling Friday's wedding, taking pictures of and blogging my newly finished office, and working out. Instead. Instead I woke up sick yet again. I couldn't do anything but stagger between the couch, my bed and the bathroom, and all those productive plans? They went right out the window.

I will be the first to admit that I don't like my plans changed on me. I can be flexible, as long as I've determined ahead of time that I'm going to be flexible. Which kind of misses the point, you know?

I think this is my chance to take a deep breath and leave my to do list untouched on my computer. This is my chance to catch up on sleep and have a restful day because my body is telling me that's what I need. This is my chance to practice rolling with the punches because this is life. And maybe tomorrow I'll wake up ready to start my day the way I had planned on Monday.

I don't have my office to show you yet, but I have something way cuter. This is Owen. Remember him? I'll be blogging his 8-month photos soon!

Cincinnati Baby Photographer