Creative Juices: The Daylight by Andrew Belle

Happy Monday! For me, Mondays are just like another other day and don't necessarily hold the stereotypical "blah" like they do for others. That's the beauty of working from home and doing something you really enjoy, I suppose! When I worked for the fraternity, despite the fact that I liked my job and the people I worked with, Monday mornings always just kind of stared me in the face. I had a one-hour commute just to get to work, and that long drive was daunting at 7 a.m. when I was half asleep. Having good music on those car rides was a lifesaver (that's when Nancy's radio still worked).

If I would have known about Andrew Belle when I drove back and forth from Cincinnati to Oxford, I'm sure my Mondays would have been a little better. This song is beautiful and I love when it surprises me on my iTunes shuffle. Enjoy! :)