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Minimalist Kitchen Nook Nathan and I laugh all the time (really, we crack ourselves up) about how when we bought our house at the end of 2011, we thought we'd have it furnished, painted, decorated and certain parts remodeled all within a year. Oh, we were so naive. Minus the fact that all that stuff takes a lot of money and we tend to be a little frugal with our bank account, it also takes a ton of time. Duh. But we've been having a lot of fun the last few years as we slowly work through our house room by room.

We recently tackled this funny little space off our kitchen. We call it the nook, well, because it is. It sat empty for so long and finally we figured we should probably have a kitchen table. We painted the space white (the top part was green) and added a little crown molding. Nathan built the shelves and we quickly filled them with stuff we already had. Easy!

Minimalist Kitchen Nook Minimalist Kitchen Nook Minimalist Kitchen Nook

We're still thinking about getting a rug for the space, but I'm little wishy-washy about that one. The fact is that the floor is incredibly cold in the winter because this space was an add on and there's nothing below it. But it also seems like a lot of work to keep a rug clean beneath a kitchen table. Any thoughts? Wishful thinking is that there's a rug out there that's equally cozy but easy to keep clean. Does that exist?

Minimalist Kitchen Nook

Aren't these produce prints adorable? They came from Lucile's Kitchen on Etsy!

White Kitchen Nook White Kitchen Nook The view from inside our (much darker) kitchen.

White Kitchen Nook White Kitchen Nook White Kitchen Nook