June Goals

Focused Work Time I'm two days late with this post, and I had popcorn for lunch yesterday. Two sure signs that wedding season is in full swing! But despite all that's written on my to do list next to me, I feel good about summer. Generally around this time I'm a frazzled mess. I haven't taken time for myself and I feel like summer is going to slip by without my taking part. This summer though is going to be different. I can feel it.

For starters, I've revamped my work day to make it more conducive to how I work best. I used to sit at my desk for 10 hours straight and get frustrated when I wasn't plowing through my editing like I thought I should. Instead I'd find myself on social media for hours on end just spinning my wheels. I'd drag through the day and work through the night because I hadn't gotten enough done during daylight hours.

NOT ANYMORE. I realized I had to fix the problem because I didn't want to pull 80-hour weeks again this summer.

In May I decided to set my alarm for 60- or 90-minute increments and set a goal for that focused work time. When my alarm rings, I get a 15- or 30-minute break to get out of my desk and do something--whatever--I choose. It's crazy that I get WAY MORE done in less time now, but it really works! And I have my nights free to spend with Nathan or coach gymnastics without the nagging thought that I should be working on the business. While I love what I do, working alllllll the time had me resenting photography a bit, which is just not right. Having time away helps me love what I do again. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? :)

So, ahem, on to my ...

June Goals

  • Read Animal Dreams (I didn't read a lot in May … want to make time for this in June!)
  • Embrace turning 30. Yep, that's right. I turn 30 this month. I'm not going to lie, it freaks me out a bit, but it's coming ready or not. I might as well be ready for it, right?
  • Visit Chicago and hang out with some really cool people. It helps that I'm spending my birthday weekend with some of my favorite people
  • Pick strawberries for the first time!
  • Go to an Indians game
  • Decide on a location to spend our anniversary
  • Photograph two weddings
  • Get completely caught up on all May editing before we go on vacation with Nathan's family
  • Keep my Inbox below 10 after my morning e-mail time