July Goals

Cleveland Ohio Outdoor Chic WeddingI learned (or relearned) quite a few things in June:

  • When you take on six weddings all in one month, you should plan to have a frivolous book on your nightstand for some light reading at the end of the night. Taking on Girl Meets God last month was not my best decision. I'll be saving that one for the end of the year.
  • To avoid a wedding "hangover," you must chug water the second you get home. A Lime-A-Rita is not a substitute.
  • And on that same note, popcorn is not a substitute for a proper lunch. Although it IS delicious.
  • When you try to cram two or three months of work into one, most of your goals will take a back seat to editing. Duly noted.

Needless to say, June wasn't my best month for completing goals. I got a little ahead of myself, and now that I'm trying to catch up on all that June plopped on my desk, I'll be posting some boring reasonable goals for July. :) I hope your summers are off to a great start! Can I get a high five for all this awesome weather we've been having?! (Read: It makes for a happy wedding photographer!)