Creative Juices: Client Meeting Playlist

I meet clients in my home office these days, but way back when, I would travel to coffee shops all over Cleveland meeting brides and grooms and hearing about their wedding days. There were pros and cons to that. Pro: I looove the vibe at almost all coffee shops. The music and the atmosphere perfectly complement a steaming latte. Con: It can be impossible to have a conversation over all the other conversations happening in that one space. See what I mean? So now I bring my favorite parts of a coffee shop to my cozy office: hot drinks, comfy chairs and soothing music. That plus no background noise is really a win-win for me! Since it's been awhile since I shared a Creative Juices, I thought I'd share the playlist I use during client meetings. These are some of my all-time favorite songs, combined with some new favorites. I could listen to this every day (and sometimes I do)! I hope it inspires you today. :)

Creative Juices