March Goals

Spring Flowers Hello, friends! Happy March! We have SUN today, which gets me thinking about flowers and green grass and spring in general. I can hardly wait to see our flowers bloom again. :)

For me, March is going to be B-U-S-Y! Especially compared to the relatively quiet winter I've enjoyed. I've got three weddings on the books (but one is already photographed!), trips out of town and a conference to finish out the end of the month. My biggest goal is to keep up with it all while practicing my 2014 goal of balance. This will be a big test for what the summer might look like and I'm feeling good about it!

Over the last couple months I've been taking a tip from Nancy Ray and have been setting my iPhone alarm to keep me focused on each task. The rule is that I can't do anything other than what I'm supposed to be working on until my alarm goes off. Then it's time for a small break to recharge for the next task. So far, so good! It's like a mini competition every hour … who will win? Me or my iPhone? ;)

  • Read two books (25 in 12): Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen and The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak (Plus finish Film is Not Dead. I realized as I started reading it last month that it's a book meant to be read a little at a time … not necessarily devoured while you're laying in bed!)
  • Complete month #2 of Insanity (between being sick and falling off the wagon, I definitely let this one slide! Time to get back at it this month!)
  • Find chairs for our living room
  • Mentally prepare for Making Things Happen (if that's even possible!)
  • Make time for at least two date nights with Nathan
  • Continue working on my good-side split (per #93 on my 101 list)
  • Book our plane tickets to Ireland and Scotland!
  • Finish my new website
  • Finish 2013 vendor discs (le sigh. This might always be on my list … I need to GET IT DONE!)
  • Give up sweets and take on a daily devotional for Lent
  • Celebrate my college BFF during her Chicago bride-to-be weekend!
  • See two more Oscar-nominated movies (my goal is to see all nine this year … five more to go!)