February Goals

Valentine's Flowers Ah, sweet February. Somehow this month always seems rather hopeful. Maybe it's because we're inching closer to spring and I'm generally past the post-holiday doldrums. Maybe it's Valentine's Day. Or it's the 2014 Olympics?! I'm excited about this month just because of that!

This February I have no weddings, and I'm hoping to soak up this restful time before crazy March hits. I'm envisioning afternoon naps with Rosie, getting caught up on business and branding stuff, reading some good books, keeping up with my BALANCE New Year's resolution and turning those goals into habits (hello stretching every night and drinking more water).

After completing almost every, single one of my goals in January (man, does that feel good), I'm looking forward to an equally successful Feruary!

  • Read two books (25 in 12): The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe and Film is Not Dead by Jonathan Canlas (I was an overachiever in January and read three books instead of my two. I highly recommend I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai and will be doing a review soon!)
  • Start exploring film (super excited for this one!)
  • Set up Square
  • Eat desserts only once a week (we're attempting to rid ourselves of our sugar addiction! Healthy/Natural > Processed)
  • Finish up month #1 of Insanity (I forgot to take skiing into account last month!) and finish most of month #2
  • File taxes
  • Finish 2013 vendor discs (I'm so embarrassed that I'm still working on these! Whew, got to get them done!)
  • Finalize all branding except for website
  • Celebrate Valentine's Day with a fun date night!
  • See two more Oscar-nominated movies (I like to have an opinion while watching the Oscars. American Hustle was great! I'm hoping to see Dallas Buyers Club and Philomena next!)
  • Go through all old magazines and get RID of them
  • Organize our junk room.
  • Host friends for dinner and try new recipes
  • Continue working on my good-side split (per #93 on my 101 list)