January Goals

Shaker Heights Ohio Snow Happy New Year! And a white and frosty one at that. Here on the east side of Cleveland we have 6+ inches of snow. The kid inside of me is doing cartwheels right now! What a beautiful way to ring in 2014.

December was filled with rest and spending time with people I love. It was a really fantastic way to prepare for Christmas and spend the end of what was a crazy year. This coming month I want to be even more purposeful about nurturing relationships, spending some time just being, and learning to be content with the things I already have instead of coveting and buying new things. And of course starting out my 2014 wedding season with a bang! My first wedding of the year is this Saturday!

This morning I had some time to sit and reflect on what is most important for me to accomplish in January. I realized that while professional goals are really important, I wanted to look further than work and embrace the whole BALANCE New Year's resolution I'm taking on (I'll be sharing specific pieces of that throughout the year). I had to remind myself that the most important goals are the ones that make me a more well-rounded person—a healthy blend of work and play. Because of this, I'm taking a new approach to goal setting this month. Of course I have professional goals sitting on my office desk, but here on the blog I want to celebrate the other, unique things that will make my January memorable.

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