101 in 1001: #5 Run a 10K.

Well, I did it. I didn't run the whole thing (think a run/walk combo), but I'm counting this as a huge check mark! Nathan and I, plus his family, ran Cincinnati's turkey trot on Thanksgiving this year. It was fr-fr-frigid, but sunny and clear, which was the best weather we could have hoped for! I lived in Cincinnati for four years before moving to Cleveland, and it was so fun to run by some of my favorite spots and reminisce about living in that city. Cincinnati Turkey Trot

When I moved to my Cincinnati neighborhood right out of college, I tried so hard to catch the running bug. Hyde Park has got to be the runningest neighborhood EVER (seriously, you'd see tons and tons of people running all the time. Sun, snow, sleet, rain, etc.), and I felt like I should run to fit in! I enjoy being outside while getting exercise, but I only ever wanted to run a mile or so before calling it quits. I've pushed myself farther for a couple races here and there, but it's just never really been my thing. Anyone have any tips for a wannabe runner??

I had high hopes that I'd bust out this 10K no problem, but I honestly had a difficult time training in the midst of busy season and, let's be honest, the start of winter. I'm totally adding another race like this to my next 101 list (oh yeah, it's happening!). For now, I'm just happy I crossed crawled across this finish line.