August Goals

Norris Lake Tennessee Oh, blog readers. I've missed connecting with all of you. I have lots of blog posts written in my head, but the season has been so busy that weddings and portrait sessions are all I have time to share. Soon, SOON I will be back to my regular schedule with a mix of  professional and personal posts. I am a writer by study, and I really do miss using this little blog as a space to share my thoughts.

This busy season has been one of incredible growth and lots of learning. Now that I'm well past my halfway mark with 2013 weddings, I'm already starting to think about what I can accomplish in my slow season to make next year the best one yet! But ... I've still got lots of great things coming up in the next couple months, and my main goal this August is to focus on enjoying this season of life.


  1. Shoot four fabulous August weddings and stick to a three-week turnaround on each.
  2. Submit at least two weddings for feature.
  3. Get caught up with vendor discs.
  4. Blog every weekday.


  1. Read two books (7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, The Peach Keeper).
  2. Start working on our living room (yay!).
  3. Go off the grid for one week and focus on making the most of a vacation.
  4. Work out five times a week with varied types of workouts (run, gym, Insanity).
  5. Start making notes and doing research on a new website and rebrand. (!!!)