365 Day Photo Challenge: July

Photographed lots of sessions and weddings * Received adirondack chairs as a birthday present :D * Had a cookout with some friends * Rode 20 miles on the towpath for the first time! * Photographed a double header * Shot my first wedding at the Hyatt Regency * Devoured Sunday brunch at Tommy's * Hit the halfway point in my 2013 wedding season * Sat four rows from the Indians field * Burned the midnight oil waaaay too many times * Almost mailed Rosie to a client ;) * Tried to be intentional about taking breaks * Snuck away to the lake house for a few days * Got back on the healthy train after waaaay too many desserts at the lake! * Had our first live photobooth at Chelsea and Drew's wedding! * Went to the Taste of Tremont * Started this awesome read ... amazing * Discovered that I love kid snacks :) * Relaxed with a massage thanks to my friend Sharon * Hosted Nathan's dad and stepmom in Cleveland * Enjoyed brunch at my favorite Cleveland restaurant ever * Went to the pool! 365 Day Photo Challenge